Comunicacion y Atracciones Sociales en a Actualidad

Written By: admin - Apr• 17•11

Nos encontramos en un momento de tantas, tantas oportunidades que son practicamente inmanejables y conociendo un bajo porcentaje de todas . Me considero una mujer con suerte de estar y ser participe de este momento de la humanidad. Los medios de comunicacion son fantasticos, los aparatos cada vez mejores y la informacion disponible increible. Pero mucha!!!! demasiada si no nos organizamos y tenemos objetivos concretos.
Es muy facil perderse y distraerse es este oceanos de datos, de compras, de …tanto. Hay que organizarse, tener objetivos concretos para el trabajo y concentrarse en ellos.

A Great and Overwhelming Era of Technology

Written By: admin - Apr• 06•11

It is a great time in the world of technology and what it can do to people.  All the new things out there! Mac computers, I-phone, I-pod, I-pad, Nook, Kindle, etc. etc… Sorry I mentioned all the I’s but I am in love with Apple and all the gadgets they are providing to the world. They are for me, elements of Solutions, so easy to use, so easy to carry, so great to learn with them, great!

Wow, don’t look back 20 years ago, look back 6 years ago.  It is Amazing! The changes! The thing that worries me is, are we able to keep up with all this? Are our brains ready to deal with all this and how many more? My kids have I-pod s and they now Skype with friends and family in other countries, having the cell beside and texting at the same time and the laptops to be in other social sites where also talk with friends and family. They are 9 and 11, Yes, 9 and 11. It is real!!!! Wow, communications are great when used properly…..  but are we going in the right direction? Hope so.

I believe we need more time to prepare ourselves to get ready for the next one, everyone should ask themselves if we keep going like that .What are we going to have or what kind of technology are we going to be using in 10 years. It is great but we must prepare and prepare our kids, family and be able to take the best advantage of each element with knowledge and mind setting for it.

Please, do not think I don’t like it, I am so happy with all this, I text faster, I learn from the internet when I am sitting at my girls gymnastics with my I-Phone, I do video-conferences with people in other countries with my I-phone in Skype from the comfort of my living room in my pajamas or from a friends house when I am visiting , I work more and I can talk with my family and friends around the world more, I have the best music on my I-pod and I can ask my 9 years old to show me if her room is clean without going upstairs! And the list is endless.

Human mind and body can accommodate to anything to a speed almost incomprehensible, we did it! But what is next?? Besides my last statement we are not machines, we are people, humans need a time to accommodate and digest all of that when changes are occurring to fast!