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Spanish Business Solutions offers the possibility to host, coordinate and participate in business meetings held in the Spanish Languagewithin “the parts being located physically in the same place”. Under the coordination of aSPS’s member working on interpretation, translation, taking notes, just listening and assisting,or any other requirement for the specific meeting.

The E-meeting permits you to communicate and see each other beside the great feature of working simultaneously on the same document in a dynamic and technologically fascinating environment.
Lucila will train the parts before the meeting takes place to ensure all will work properly.

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  • Lucila provides an authentic submersion environment for learning the language. Whether you need to start from scratch and focus on rapidly making the language every-day useful, or awaken your dormant high-school/college Spanish, or prepare for a trip by polishing your negotiations vocabulary, the lessons and approach will be perfectly tailored for your level and your needs.There is no substitute for native language ability, coupled with professional real world experience to add to an approach that constantly pushes you without ever intimidating you during the learning process. — Yuri Jagrine

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    About the Books

    Author Lucila Ortiz offers an easy Spanish reference guide for business's people; travelers and anyone that has the desire to learn the Spanish Language and Culture. Trade is one of the most enduring issues in the contemporary US-Latin America relations. To strengthen the development of this trade relationship, author Lucila Ortiz presents the Spanish Instructive Planner: Spanish for Beguiners, and A Primer for Spanish Language, Culture and Economics; an informative guide that helps English-speaking individuals grasp, manage, understand, and conduct business in Spanish, and for all travelers as well.


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