Lucila has been very easy to work with since we started our e-classes. We have sculpted our lessons to reflect my new job in retail sales and I’m able to work on all aspects of my Spanish (writing, listening, speaking) while learning conversational tactics to use while at work.

Lucila makes learning Spanish easy and fun by utilizing all of the materials the E-classes offers. We video conference with the camera in real time, which makes speaking to each other easy and as if we were in the same room, providing live feedback to my speech. It’s great to have the worksheets with live editing too, I can see what I’m saying and learning instantly.

Lucila is a great teacher. She’s always patient and is able to mold our lessons to my specific learning needs. The sessions fly by and the clients I serve at work have commented on my broad knowledge of the language. Lucila, above all else, has given me the confident I need to be able to work and understand Spanish comfortably and I look forward to continuing our classes!

Jacque Cook
Puerto Rico
Express – The Limited Brands

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  • Lucila has been such a tremendous help in bringing all aspects of my Spanish knowledge to the level it needs to be in order to successfully thrive while in Puerto Rico. I have enjoyed her teaching style in the relaxed, yet challenging lessons each week. She is willing to cater to each student with her teaching style. I found it very helpful that Lucila researched Puerto Rico and taught my husband and me all about the specific culture and customs of the local population. We learned about the foundation of Puerto Rico from beginning thru today and those people who have influence and impacted on the territory. All of these details helped reinforce the use of the language during each lesson.
    Lucila challenged me each lesson with the use of all tenses of verbs and vocabulary. From words that I will use every day (in the grocery store, at the post office, in a restaurant, driving and at an office) to words that…
    — Jacqueline Cook Engle

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