Easy Spanish

Spanish Phonetics – Fonetica

Before You Start . . . . . a few hints about Spanish
pronunciation Spanish Vowel Sounds

A like to “a” as in cat—map / casa—mamá—rata
E like “e” in net—pet / Argentina—pero—pelo
I like Ian—tea—me—he / María—si—mío—vino ·
O like hot—frog—dog / no—yo—mono—doctor·
U like look—book / Uruguay—uno—turno—

Dipthongs · UE (as “u” sound in vowel)—puerta—
UI (guitar)—Guillermo—guitarra—guirnalda

Spanish Consonant Sounds
B and V have the same sound: vino blanco—vino ba
C in front of A, O and U has a hard pronunciation as
in the English words: (car—cart—chocolate )—(K)—
C in front of E and I vowels has a soft sound (as C in
city) (S) cemento—ceremonia—censor—cielo
F ( sounds like F in father)—farmacia—feliz
G in front of A, O and U sounds like guy, guru, God.
·G in front of E and I sounds like he—her—house
G with the combination UE and UI has a soft sound
like in guest—guitar guitarra— guinda—guerra

(notice the U vowel is silent: guitar—guitarra).
There are some cases when the U in the
combination “GU+E” og “GU+I” is not silent. We must
pronounce the U by recognizing 2 dots on top of the
U. vergüenza—bilingüe
H—Silent sound when in the beginning of a word
OR between two vowels. hola—hamaca—hacer—
J—A strong sound like happy—hot—hungry José—
LL sounds like the English Y in “Yellow” (soft and
strong sounds) llegar—lluvia—llanto—caballo—
N is an n with a ~ on top and it sounds like the
English word Canyon—Onion caña—ñoqui—paño—
Q is allways followed by UE, UI or UIE que—quizás—
quienes · R is soft between to vowels sounds like:
around—aroma / pero—permiso—perdón
R has a strong sound in the beginning of a word as: in
Richard—rain / rosa—rama—Roma
RR has a stroger sound than R. RR sounds like “R”
in rice—rich—rest arriba—perro—desparramar—
Y sounds like the English Y in Yes OR J in Joke yo—

Presentation – Presentacion

Presentation: Presentación Here you’ll find easy ways to
introduce yourself to others and start a conversation.

How are you?: Hola; Como estas?

Where are you from?: De donde eres?

What is your name? Como es tu nombre?

How old are you? Que edad tienes

How was your trip? Como estuvo tu viaje

Good morning: Buenos dias

Good afternoon: Buenas tardes

Good evening or Good night: Buenas noches

See you tomorrow: Hasta manana

Is there anyone here who speaks English? Hal alguien que hable Ingles?

Do you understand? Comprende usted?

I don’t understand: No comprendo

I understand : Yo comprendo
Cómo se dice ___ en español? : How do you say ____ in
Hable despacio, por favor. : Please speak slowly

Common Greetings – Saludos Comunes

Hi! Good morning! Hola buen día OR Buenos dias

Good evening! Buenas Noches

Welcome! (to greet someone) Bienvenido

How are you? Como esta (formal), estas (informal)

I’m fine, thanks! And you? Bien, gracias y usted?

Thank you (very much)! Muchas gracias

You’re welcome! (for “thank you”) De Nada

Hey! Friend! What is new? Hola amigo, que hay de

Nothing much Good night! No mucho, buenas noches

See you later! Nos vemos mas tarde

Good bye! Adios – Chau (informal)

Saying Goodby – Despedida

Thanks for everything: Gracias por todo

We had a lot of fun: Nos divertimos mucho

I had a good time: La pase muy bien

Nice to meet you: Encantado de conocerlo/a

Can you give me your phone nr? Puede darme su numero de teléfono

It’s time to say goodbye: Ya me despido

See you tomorrow: Hasta manana

Pleasure to meet you: Un placer – Encantada

Take care: Cuidate

See you later: Te veo mas tarde

Good bye: Adios!

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