Spanish Phonetics – Fonetica

Before You Start . . . . . a few hints about Spanish pronunciation Spanish Vowel Sounds

A like to “a” as in cat—map / casa—mamá—rata
E like “e” in net—pet / Argentina—pero—pelo
I like Ian—tea—me—he / María—si—mío—vino •
O like hot—frog—dog / no—yo—mono—doctor•
U like look—book / Uruguay—uno—turno—macanudo

Dipthongs • UE (as “u” sound in vowel)—puerta—nuestro—puesto
UI (guitar)—Guillermo—guitarra—guirnalda

Spanish Consonant Sounds
B and V have the same sound: vino blanco—vino ba
C in front of A, O and U has a hard pronunciation as in the English words: (car—cart—chocolate )—(K)—casa—chocolate—cama.
C in front of E and I vowels has a soft sound (as C in city) (S)cemento—ceremonia—censor—cielo
F ( sounds like F in father)—farmacia—feliz
G in front of A, O and U sounds like guy, guru, God. gato—gustar—ganancia—ganar
•G in front of E and I sounds like he—her—house gemelo—gitana—general—genocidio
G with the combination UE and UI has a soft sound like in guest—guitar guitarra— guinda—guerra
(notice the U vowel is silent: guitar—guitarra).
There are some cases when the U in the combination “GU+E” og “GU+I” is not silent. We must pronounce the U by recognizing 2 dots on top of the U. vergüenza—bilingüe
H—Silent sound when in the beginning of a word OR between two vowels.hola—hamaca—hacer—ahora—almohada
J—A strong sound like happy—hot—hungry José—Juan—jefe—jornada—joven
LL sounds like the English Y in “Yellow” (soft and strong sounds) llegar—lluvia—llanto—caballo—cuello—camello
N is an n with a ~ on top and it sounds like the English word Canyon—Onion caña—ñoqui—paño—muñeca—pañuelo
Q is allways followed by UE, UI or UIE que—quizás—quienes • R is soft between to vowels sounds like: around—aroma / pero—permiso—perdón
R has a strong sound in the beginning of a word as: in Richard—rain / rosa—rama—Roma
RR has a stroger sound than R. RR sounds like “R” in rice—rich—rest arriba—perro—desparramar—terraza—torrente
Y sounds like the English Y in Yes OR J in Joke yo—yoyo—ya—vaya—rayado—payaso

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