“Very reliable and capable technical document translation/interpretation expert for English/Spanish work. Fully capable and enthusiastic and easy to work with. Endorsement is strong for Lucila”.

Anna Liu
Compass Tech International

“If you want to know about culture, economics or business about a country in South America simply ask Maria Lucila Smith, then sit back an enjoy! Maria Lucila has a rare combination of skill and passion for her field of training about the South American Culture.

I never cease to learn something new from her. Ask her for example to give you a synopsis on blood types associated with cultural traits of countries in South America and you be astounded at how evolution has an organized purpose. Having advanced Spanish language skills can also be very beneficial for companies working with Hispanic markets. A true star in her field, Maria Lucila has the charm and power punch to deliver on her knowledge and expertise.

Maria Lucila also has the ability to blend strategic thought leadership with pragmatic decision-making makes her a valuable resource for organizations seeking to enter the U.S. Hispanic market. Her dual perspective, as implementer and educator , enables her to deliver tactical results that directly support business objectives.

Spoken by someone who’s had the privilege knowing and working with Maria Lucila for a period of several years, I can say she is a delight to know and be around”.

Amelia Rodriguez

“Maria Lucila Ortiz is a tenacious business professional with a depth of experience that she provides her clients. She serves as a liaison into emerging global markets, and provides translation / interpretation services. Maria Lucila is a joy to work with. Her impeccable track record and reputation precede her”.

Calvin Cooper
NCT Ventures

“I have known Lucila Ortiz Smith for close to 15 years both personally and professionally. We first met when our daughters got involved in competitive cheer squads and then moved on to middle school and high school cheerleading. From a professional standpoint, my Company, Advanced Drainage Systems, began to expand significantly in Mexico and South America subsequent to 2005. In an effort to better prepare key management individuals to have a basic understanding of the Spanish language, which is very beneficial when dealing with employees, customers, vendors and other contacts, ADS engaged Lucila to teach fundamental language skills, Our management people were very complimentary of her competence and ability to effectively work with multiple levels of staff. I would certainly recommend strongly Lucila for professional services”.

Rich Martorano
Controller at Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.

“Maria Lucila does translations of different publications for me and partners. Her translations are accurate, easy to understand for all speakers of the Spanish language and of excellent quality.
Lucila is an excellent professional and I definitely recommend her.”

Susana Maria Doldan
Book Author

“Lucila Ortiz has been amazing in our 1 on 1 instructor lessons. She differentiates her teaching process in a lot of ways. First, she stays away from repetitive practice. This challenges me to focus on applying the meaning behind the grammar, as opposed to memorizing rules for the short-term that will not help me retain the language in the long term. Also, Lucila is patient, focused, and flexible. In my recent move to Puerto Rico, she took the time to not only help me progress in the language, but also made sure I learned the culture and history of Puerto Rico as well as the Latin American countries. I chose to continue working with Lucila remotely because of her desire to see me success both with the language and in learning the Latin American culture. Understand these topics helps me relate to the people and way of live in where I am living. Each lesson Lucila forces me to practice all faucets of Spanish communication: listening, writing, speaking, and reading. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the way the classes have gone, and have seen great improvements in only a short time! Thanks!!!”

Tim Gabel
Cardinal Health
Puerto Rico.

“Lucila has been great help in assisting me in learning Spanish. She has an intense style of immersing you in all aspects of the Spanish language. Through working with Lucila for 18 months, I am now able to carry basic conversation, have a thorough understanding of most of the key Spanish grammar and have developed reading and listening skills. I am further along with my Spanish skills than I expected to be at this point in time, when I started 18 months ago. Her holistic teaching style and learning process causes for excellent retention of the topics covered during class. It also allows you to apply what you have learned immediately in your daily personal or professional life.
Lucila has a teaching style that allows you to learn the many aspects of Spanish without getting bored in the process. She has the ability to tailor the classes to meet your individual personal and professional interests.”

Ewout Leeuwenburg
VP of International Operations
ADS Inc.

“Working with Lucila has been a huge help in preparing for my transfer to Puerto Rico. Her instruction style is very easy to follow. She mixes activities up to really work on reading, writing, speaking, and listening constantly. Her emphasis on verb tense has really improved my confidence in the language. Not only does she push me hard on learning the language, but she is also teaching me about the different customs and cultures among various Latin American countries. She often brings current events articles about Puerto Rico so that I can practice my reading and learn about the economy at the same time. She truly understands the value of not just the language but learning how to actually live and work in Latin America! Thanks so much!”

Kern Woods
MDP Brand Manager
Ensure Marketing Team

“I am extremely lucky to have received Lucila as my Spanish instructor. In three months my conversation, reading and listening skills improved very quickly. She was able to do this through real world application of the language, tailored to my individual business situation and interests. Her teaching style forced me to learn verbs, grammar and Latin American culture all while using and comprehending the language from the very first class. I am confident now that I have the ability to use my Spanish on a daily basis, Thank you Lucila.”

Matt Engle
Sr. Analyst, NPS
Cardinal Health

“An expedient, thorough, and refreshing learning experience of the Spanish language. Lucila takes a professional approach to the teaching of the Spanish language and the sessions are informative and designed with your business goals in mind. I would highly recommend to any professional needing a personal designed approach to learning the Spanish language.”

Joseph Stanley
Aviation Inc.

“I’ve never been very good when trying to learn new languages, but Lucila certainly helped make the transition easy from learning spanish to mastering the language. Without her, my college spanish classes would have been much harder to get through.”

Devin Fahl
The Ohio State University

“Lucila provides an authentic submersion environment for learning the language. Whether you need to start from scratch and focus on rapidly making the language every-day useful, or awaken your dormant high-school/college Spanish, or prepare for a trip by polishing your negotiations vocabulary, the lessons and approach will be perfectly tailored for your level and your needs. There is no substitute for native language ability, coupled with professional real world experience to add to an approach that constantly pushes you without ever intimidating you during the learning process.”

Yuri Jagrine
Business Consultant
Solutions Engineer at Expesite

“I feel so lucky to have gotten Lucila Ortiz as my Instructor last year. I loved her class from the start and never grew bored. She helped me get motivated, and above all, interested in learning Spanish, which is no small feat. She is a very nice lady and a great professional.Muchisimas Gracias!”

Javan Daye
Columbus Sate Community College

“Lucila has helped me grow my business by expanding into the Latin American market. She has not only taught me the Spanish language but also Latin American culture and customs to effectively market my products. She has given me confidence when conducting business with my Spanish speaking customers. Her knowledge and expertise is priceless! In today’s society, being multi-lingual and understanding different cultures is essential. Lucila is the absolute BEST professional instructor to become fluent in the Spanish language and understanding Latin American culture. Muchas gracias to Lucila for helping take my business to the next level!”

Gina Harvey
Rupi Hair Co.

“Lucila has been such a tremendous help in bringing all aspects of my Spanish knowledge to the level it needs to be in order to successfully thrive while in Puerto Rico. I have enjoyed her teaching style in the relaxed, yet challenging lessons each week. She is willing to cater to each student with her teaching style. I found it very helpful that Lucila researched Puerto Rico and taught my husband and me all about the specific culture and customs of the local population. We learned about the foundation of Puerto Rico from beginning thru today and those people who have influence and impacted on the territory. All of these details helped reinforce the use of the language during each lesson.

Lucila challenged me each lesson with the use of all tenses of verbs and vocabulary. From words that I will use every day (in the grocery store, at the post office, in a restaurant, driving and at an office) to words that are very business specific and pertain specifically to the job in which my family is relocating. Lucila made sure to cover each subject with extensive detail and ensured our understanding. Practicing written, spoken, conversational and listening comprehension of Spanish each day made learning Spanish a very quick and successful process. I feel much more confident conversing in Spanish and as though my knowledge base is much more accelerated than many of my counterparts who are studying in a generic classroom setting or online class.”

Jacqueline Cook Engle

Details of the Recommendation: “Maria Lucila Ortiz is a tenacious business professional with a depth of experience that she provides her clients. She serves as a liaison into emerging global markets, and provides translation services. Maria Lucila is a joy to work with. Her impeccable track record and reputation precede her.”

Calvin Cooper
Director of Marketing, Government Relations, and Outreach
South Central Ohio Minority Supplier Development Council


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